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 Welcome to our world. The world of the Peaky blinders.

What We Do

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Vibrant Image Productions Ltd launched their Peaky Blinders theme at the beginning of 2018 and have been exciting fans of the 1920’s UK gang culture around the country with their unique brand of energy, style, attitude and passion of all things 1920’s.

The theme is exciting, stylish, decadent, exuberant, dangerous and thrilling and we have assembled the best entertainment available to make your themed experience a Peaky blinders style event that you will never forget.

Our theme is the glamour of a 1920’s Britain when times were hard, life was dangerous and the parties were stylish and outrageous.

The fashion is that of overcoats smart suits, shirts, ties and braces, peaked caps and hobnailed boots and then comes the twist, just like the TV Show our music combines modern music combined with 1920’s dancers

Try to imagine a show with edgy modern music  fused with the fashion and dances of the 1920’s at the time when the Peaky Blinders ruled the streets of Birmingham.

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Manager – Thomas Shelby
Telephone – +44 (0) 7831 561012
Email – peakyblindersevents@gmail.com