Peaky Blinders Themed Entertainment

What we do?

We arrange everything for your Peaky Blinders Themed Event and Experience.

We can arrange a horse like the one Thomas Shelby rode in the first series with a Peaky Blinder rider to parade outside the venue.

We can supply vintage cars to transport your CEO, MD or special guest to the venue or onto stage in a Peaky Blinders suit,oversoat and flat cap.

We have actors, lookalikes, entertainers, dancers ,bands and musicians to fulfil every part of your themed experience with film props and a special state of the art camera to take pictures with our Shelby Company photo booth.

Its not just a themed event its a complete Peaky Blinders experience.

By Order of the Peaky Blinders.

If you’re into it – you’re in it to win it!

Is the Peaky Blinder Theme going to last?

In January the Black Country museum advertised a Peaky Blinder weekend to take place on the 7th,8th,14th and 15th of September. The event sold 8,000 tickets in less then one hour with over 30,000 people on the waiting list for future events.That gives you an idea of how popular this theme is.

There is now Peaky Blinders bar in Liverpool and Birmingham and with events happening all over the country it is going to be the biggest theme of 2019.

Its been reported that Season 5 of the show will air towards the middle of 2019 and season 6 in 2020.

With a possible blockbuster film in the pipeline this is going to be the biggest theme for the next three years.

If you want the best, book the best.

We are the first and currently the only Peaky Blinders Bespoke Event and Entertainment theme Company that can fulfil the whole experience in one event.

Call or Email Thomas now to book your date with the hottest event theme in the country.

Visit the contact page to book now.


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